Chateau on wheels

Chateau on wheels

Price: $179,000

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Texas 78063 (map)
Full Bath w/Shower
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Celebrity Couple selling A-list Regency Ultra Brougham with unique floor plan.

With great regret, my beautiful fiancé' and I have decided to sell best purchase of our life due to working out of country.

Bessie "The Beast" has been best 40K mile drive with the love of my life. It gave us a wonderful chance to venture out, see all of the United States, and in the process, fall in love with each other all over again.

Bessie has a unique, one-of-a-kind floor plan where king-size Murphy bed pulls down so you can sit and/or lay down and watch retractable big screen TV or raise bed up and pull down kitchenette wood table on other side to eat breakfast and enjoy watching TV or looking at incredible views outside your windows.

Besides featuring a (2) plate gas burning stove, large kitchen sink area, storage and spice rack, fridge/freezer (2-way opening) door, huge closet/dresser area as well as bathroom w/ vanity cabinet/sink, fully functional extra-large shower (tall peeps) and a real toilet.

This elite driving/living machine is without a doubt the cream of the RV crop. It's like driving in a suite at the Chateau Marmont.

Big Bessie runs on diesel fuel and she has massive power/maneuverability among all the 18 wheelers you’ll be blowing past. She's especially adept at facing/climbing mountainous inclines with ease.

Regency RV manufacturing support crew have been absolutely incredible going above and beyond call of duty to make sure all warranty promises are kept and that all customers remain 100% satisfied. This is a great company, who stands by all of their Regency products.

As for maintenance, Mercedes Benz has been amazing with on point reminders for timely fixes as well as top-tier mechanics that keep her running perfect.

With respect to Bessie, we sell her to next lucky party, in prime perfect condition.

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