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MicroLite Vymeron

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Illinois 62918 (map)
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We have up sized a bit and are putting our Vymeron by MicroLite up for sale. The Vymeron was the largest trailer MicroLite manufactured and is no longer in production. Will be listed on other sites also. https://www.microlitetrailer.com/
2010 Vymeron, BUNK model. Like all MicroLite trailers this is an all aluminum built trailer. Floors, ceiling, walls and interior frame are ALL aluminum. This Vymeron came out of the factory equipped to sleep 5. It is currently configured to sleep 4. Currently it is set up as a large dinette drop to a king bed with a bunk overhead in rear. A child bunk up front with storage cabinets above. All modifications can be reversed to original. There is a dorm frig(110v only). Small water holding tank, maybe 5 gals and small sink. We have never used the water tank or sink so untested. There is no bathroom so no black or grey tanks. There is a grey water valve to empty to a bucket or exterior tote, again unused and untested.
12v deep cycle battery(new) and a 25w solar panel mounted on the front to trickle charge the battery. Including a 100w solar suitcase panel. All lights are led. We easily can go 4 days on the battery but the solar suitcase charges back up quickly.
There is a new max air fan, variable speed with remote. AC is a 5000 btu window unit mounted in the countertop sink base. I removed the factory cabinet by the door and installed a 6 drawer cabinet which added much needed drawer space. The front top bunk now has cabinet doors for lots of gear storage. This could easily be removed or moved to back bunk (front and rear bunks are identical and fold upwards if not being used) if a front bunk was wanted. We use the lower front bunk for clothes while traveling but there is a small dinette there if the front storage were moved to the back. I installed two exterior hatch doors to access the under bed storage. There is a lot of room under there on both side and across the entire back.
We mounted an old metal cooler on the tongue to house chocks, water hose, hatchet etc. The spare is inside under the king bed. We still have all the cushions which are in excellent shape. The king bed has a tri fold mattress on top of the factory cushions which folds out of the way for the dinette. The tri fold tucks under the back bunk across the back when using the dinette.
Exterior dimensions are 13' long, 8'7" tall including max air vent and 78" wide. Interior dimensions are 10ft x 76" wide. Interior height 6'2". Interior floor is a custom fit, edge bound removable carpet over all aluminum floor. Easy to keep clean.
I have replaced all the factory ceiling lights with new led and added a 12 v receptacle and a charging receptacle for cell phones.
Dual axle trailer pulls very well. We have towed with both a 2011 Toyota Highlander which does not have a tow package and also with a 2011 F150 with tow package. Prefer the F150 for overkill but the Highlander tows it easily. Dry weight sticker says 1540lbs. Weighed at the scales was 1920. We replaced the front axle when we bought it with a new Dexter axle with brakes. The tires were new when we purchased. Date code on tires are 5016 which codes to Dec 2016.
There is an awning which while it does work is difficult to deploy and even harder to tuck away. This was not factory but added by po. It has no rips. We have used it twice and quite frankly have considered removing it and replacing it with a simple rope awning using the existing track.
The exterior door has a screen door. There are 2 windows, both with screens. One slides the other pushes out.
We are located in Southern Il. 62918
We are asking $8000.
I have all kinds of build pictures from the factory and from my modifications if desired. Any questions please pm and I'll get back to you promptly.

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